Note: All names and contact details of clients were provided with original references/testimonials. Proofreader Central has not published those full contact details here out of respect for the privacy of the individuals involved.

Academic and Corporate Sector Clients:

Sebastian Salicru
Consultant/Business Psychologist
Sydney NSW

I am fluent in English, but it is not my native language. I first began using Ross’s proofreading services to assist me with my essays in the the final year of my Psychology degree. He has continued proofreading for me ever since, both in my career as a Training Consultant in the Organisational Psychology field and in the course of my post-graduate studies (Masters in Psychology).

I am now Principal Consultant of my own company, providing training services for a wide range of clients from the private and government corporate sectors. I am frequently required to submit detailed training program and seminar proposals to clients, summarize seminar participants’ feedback and write business letters to clients dealing with all sorts of issues. My written English must be clear, concise and professionally presented at all times – Ross’s copy-editing and editing expertise guarantees this.

Ross has been my proofreader for over 15 years now, which speaks for itself. His service is professional, prompt and reliable. I can thoroughly recommend him to others from a non-English-speaking background, or to anyone who needs help polishing their English to a professional standard.


Gayatri Iskandar
Masters (Health Counselling)
Mount Claremont, Perth, W.A.

I have recently completed my Masters in Health Counselling. My native tongue is Indonesian, and although I am fluent in English I needed the help of a good proofreader to check my essay writing. I found Ross’s copy-editing and editing skills excellent. By using his services, I could be confident when I handed in my essays that my English style and expression was correct and that the content of my work would be clear to my lecturer.

I chose to work with Ross on a one-to-one consultation basis when working on my essays, and he really helped me in clarifying my ideas and smoothing the flow of my essay writings. I found his personality very supportive. He was patient enough to listen to all my ideas and helped me to clarify them with step-by-step guidance.

Another plus is that he used the best technology to email me final corrections of my essays with all changes highlighted in coloured type. This is effective, efficient and convenient for the student and saves time.

Even though his background is Literature and Creative Writing, I certainly recommend his services to Health Sciences students. I found that his ability to grasp new concepts was excellent, and I have no doubt that he would be able to clarify ideas from many different disciplines of study. I highly recommend that students from Health Science, Social Science, Business and other faculties contact him to help with their essays.


Woojin Moon, PhD
(Faculty Fellow, Dept of Political Science)
University of California, San Diego, USA

Thank you so much for your prompt and professional proofreading. I will recommend you and pass your website to my friends.


Dr Daniel Churchill
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education
University of Hong Kong

This is great! I really admire your skills to put written language into perfect presentation.


Kay Yong, Khoo
4th year student of Doctor of Education (EDD)
University of Hong Kong

As a non-English-native-speaking researcher, writing in the English language is a handicap in most of my work. Ross has an amazing gift and talent in proofreading and copy-editing my writing. He is able to read and understand my ideas, structure my sentences and phrases in faultless and appropriate academic-style English, and suggest alternate ways to express claims and present well-reasoned argument, while not interfering with the originality of my thoughts.

He works through linguistic problems masterfully. He takes my ideas to new places and makes them shine. His skills are exceptional, fast and excellent. He gives me 101% of what I need in the process of proofreading and copy-editing.

With his help, I have managed to publish my articles in internationally renowned journals.


Script Editing Clients:

Martin Meader
Art From The Heart Productions,
Fremantle, W.A.

My company has used Ross’s proofreading and copyediting services extensively over the last 3 years. He has applied his excellent English skills to diverse aspects of our projects, including story synopses and movie treatments, applications for funding from government film development bodies (our applications were successful), information memorandums and expansive business plans. Recently, he completed a detailed proofreading/copyediting of our website and also suggested several stylistic changes, which were subsequently implemented.

Ross and I co-wrote the screenplay for Art From The Heart’s current feature movie project, The Way To Alphabeticus. I am, therefore, also well-acquainted with his creative writing skills, which I hold in high regard.

In summary, he is an excellent writer, editor and proofreader who can adapt his skills equally well to formal, academic, corporate or creative modes of expression. Importantly, also, he is reliable in meeting tight deadlines. I wish him well in expanding his client base and highly recommend him to anyone requiring top-level proofreading, editing or writing services.


Yesse America
(Computer Games Developer/Writer)
The Netherlands

I am very happy with the service you’ve provided [editing of cut-scenes]. We will be producing a new game next year, and I will certainly contact you then. Meanwhile, I will recommend your services to our publisher.


Rod Christian
(Co-writer of rock musical, Cruisin’)
Perth, Western Australia.

What a great job you’ve done with the script. I agree with all you’ve suggested, and have forwarded the changes to Peter for input… I’m sure Peter will be grateful for your excellent edit so far…I reckon we already have a better script than some of the well-known musicals out there.


Catrina-Luz Aniere
(Program Director, Millennium Kids)
Perth, WA.

Loved the changes! You have done a great job [editing of play]. Will get back to you when we have rehearsed it with the puppeteers. Regards and many thanks.


Students’ References:

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the many ex-students who have written me so many kind words over the years. My thanks again to those of you who, without exception, so willingly obliged when asked to provide me with a reference. It is not appropriate to publish all your references here, but I am grateful to each of you for your support.
Please note: All the students come from non-English-speaking backgrounds. In the interests of authenticity, the students’ references have not been proofread or edited.

Keiko Nemoto
Shiatsu, Raki and Natural Therapy Practitioner
Shenton Park, Perth, W.A.

Ross was my tutor for over a year, in 2004 and 2005. During this time, he assisted me to improve in all aspects of my English, including grammar, written expression, listening skills, conversation and pronunciation.

In the last few months of my tuition with Ross, he specifically worked with me in preparation for the IELTS examination. It was particularly important for me to score minimum 6.0 in all sections of the IELTS exam (General Module), because this was one of my requirements to continue working and living in Australia.

My results were even better than I hoped. I scored 6.5 for Listening, 6.5 for Reading, 6 for Writing, 7 for Speaking and my Overall Band Score was 6.5. I was very pleased. I am very glad Ross was my tutor, because he greatly helped me to achieve success.

I knew Ross was a very experienced English teacher, because he had taught foreign students for many years at university language course, and also private schools. Also, he had a lot of experience in preparing students for IELTS. This made me confident that his tutoring would be excellent. He is not only a great tutor, but he treated me as a friend and helped me greatly to develop confidence with my English ability. Maybe this is the most important aspect for students.

I recommend Mr Ross highly as an IELTS tutor and also for general English teaching.


Minh An Dang, BA Ed., BS Com.
Morley, W.A. (address supplied)

Ross was my English teacher when I studied the English Bridging Course at Curtin University from February 1993 to June 1993. The course was offered for non-English-speaking-background students to help them improve their Writing, Reading, Listening and Pronunciation. It also offered necessary knowledge about the tertiary education in Australia and particularly at Curtin. Four main subjects of the course were Academic Writing, English Communication, English for Science and Tertiary Study Skills.

Ross was in charge of the first two subjects which were the major focus of the course. His job was very hard to do as his students were of a wide range background. Some of them had just finished high school and some were of high qualifications.

However, he taught us with his best enthusiasm and with a very excellent teaching methodology. Especially, he was very sensitive to the difficulties of students who, because of their poor English, often felt difficulty to express their ideas clearly. Therefore, students liked to study his subjects very much and they learned a lot from him. During the course, his ability and enthusiasm made him gain the respect of all students in the class.


Hey Jin Shin
Hanyang University, South Korea (address supplied)

Ross was a teacher at Bridging Course at Curtin University, where he taught me Academic English and English Communication for 6 months in 1993. He was an excellent and intelligent teacher who had enthusiasm for teaching students. I wish him all the best and know that he will teach any classes very well with his knowledge and experience.


Elemir Stevko
Software Engineer,
Czech Republic (address supplied)

Ross was my teacher while I was studying English at Edith Cowan University in Perth (April – July, 1997) and in my opinion that time has made a great contribution to my English knowledge, so that I am able to use it in both everyday and professional life.

Ross’s classes were always interesting, as he was able to make out activities that were challenging and helped us to easily acquire English grammar and conversation. Whether we were playing games, singing to Ross’s guitar, or talking about a variety of subjects, we had always lots of fun. The conversation activities, in particular, contributed significantly to our English skills, because Ross encouraged everyone to speak.

What I really admired was Ross’s ability to easily explain even complicated topics in English grammar, so that we didn’t fear of using the new things in our conversation or writings and we gradually built up a confidence with using them in everyday speech.

If I could I would join Ross’s classes again, because I have a lot of nice memories on that time. The atmosphere in his classes was very pleasant and he also joined us many times when we were organizing activities outside of school. We considered him as a good friend and it also helped us to make friends with other classmates, even if we came from various parts of the world. I would recommend Ross as a teacher for anyone.

The English knowledge that I gained from Ross’s classes made me feel confident enough to apply for a job in an English speaking country. I work as a software engineer for an Irish software company and it represents a great advance in my career.


Harumi Nishihara
Hospitality Industry Professional
Tokyo, Japan (address supplied)

I was one of Ross’s students in English course of Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia. He always taught the Advanced class, which I was in for three months [1998].

I have been studying English since I was ten year old. Therefore, I had many English teachers. I can honestly say Ross was the best teacher I have ever had. There are many reasons why I can tell you that he is the best teacher.

He is very patient to people who are non-English speakers. And his teaching style was always interesting and never made students bored. He always tried to understand every single student in his class. And he was the most popular teacher at ECU in fact. All students who he taught knew that he loves teaching English and enjoys it. He was a very hard worker and very helpful for his students. Many students respect him very much.

I could enjoy learning English because he was my teacher. After I had graduated from ECU, I could join the Hotel Operation course in Alexander Tourism and Hotel School without any English Exam. I am now working in a hotel where many foreigners stay. Therefore, I do speak English every day. If I had not learnt English in Ross’s class, I would not be able to get my present job. I really thank Ross.