Proofreader Central provides a professional service of excellence at competitive rates. Since the standard and types of writing submitted by clients vary widely, it is not possible to give a one-size-fits-all fee rate. Instead, all clients are given a free quote in advance, so you know precisely how much you need to invest to have Proofreader Central optimise the quality of your writing.

Fees vary depending on the attention to detail and degree of modification your work requires. A simple proofreading will be far cheaper than an intensive copy editing or editing.

For all first-time clients, a free sample is provided with your quote, so you can experience the quality of Proofreader Central’s work for yourself, and feel confident that your writing will be showcased at its very best.


  1. Email your work to Proofreader Central in Word format for a free quote (plus a free sample copy-edit for first-time clients).
  2. Accept quote by return email.
  3. Once I have completed your work, I email you a portion. You check it, ensure you are satisfied, then pay me – see ‘Payment’ below. On receipt of your payment, I email you the rest of your work.

  • Free quote after you email through your work. Thus, you will know in advance exactly how much you will be investing in optimising the quality and presentation of your writing.
  • A lower fee rate may be negotiable for extensive work, such as doctoral theses, novels and feature length film scripts.
  • Urgent work submitted without prior notice and agreement can be prioritised but will incur a higher fee.

  • Payment to be made in full immediately on my completion of your work.
  • I accept payment only via Paypal. I will send you a Paypal Request For Payment as soon as I have completed your work. You do not have to have a Paypal account to make your payment, but you do need a valid credit card. Paypal guarantees security of payment.
  • I reserve the right not to forward the complete work to you until full payment is received.
One-to-one copy-editing service for Perth clients only

  • Perth clients may arrange an appointment to attend my home office so that I can go through their work with them and discuss changes or modifications as they are made. International students who are not native speakers of English often prefer to work this way. Standard rates apply.
  • I do home visits for Perth clients who prefer the convenience of having me come to them. Home visit rate is $90 per hour, from time of arrival.